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Report: Trump's Border Wall Plan Has a Major Gap

Most undocumented immigrants enter US legally, then overstay

(Newser) - A new report from the Center for Migration Studies highlights a major flaw in President Trump's plan to curb illegal immigration with a border wall: Most undocumented immigrants arrive legally and overstay their visas. The center says that in 2016-2017, overstayers accounted for 62% of newly arrived undocumented immigrants,... More »

Trump Downplays Idea of National Emergency

President hints he won't make controversial declaration after all

(Newser) - President Trump once strongly hinted that he would declare a national emergency in order to build a border wall. On Monday, he walked back the threat about the controversial move . "Now I have the absolute legal right to call it, but I'm not looking to do that,"... More »

Border Wall GoFundMe Donors Getting Their Cash Back

Brian Kolfage's campaign falls short of the $1B mark, triggering refunds, but he's not done yet

(Newser) - The 340,000 people who sent their cash to one of GoFundMe's top fundraisers ever will be getting a refund. As Mashable reports, Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage's campaign to privately fund President Trump's border wall racked up $20 million—a giant sum by the site's... More »

Trump's Mexico Assertion Is Getting Lots of Attention

He reiterates on Friday that he never expected a check

(Newser) - President Trump raised eyebrows on Thursday when he maintained that he had never said Mexico would directly pay for a border wall. "I never meant they're going to write out a check,” Trump said, per the Washington Post . "I said they're going to pay for... More »

Graham Urges Trump to Use Emergency Powers

Trump eyes Army Corps of Engineers funding

(Newser) - The government shutdown caused by the border wall standoff is now in its 21st day—tied for the longest ever—and both sides are braced for President Trump to use his emergency powers to break the impasse and pay for the wall. Many Republicans are uncomfortable with the idea, but... More »

Here's What Trump Had to Say During Border Visit

'A lot of the crime in our country is caused by what's coming through here'

(Newser) - President Trump spoke in front of a table full of guns, cash, and drugs—all items Border Patrol agents have seized—during his Thursday visit to the US-Mexico border in McAllen, Texas. "If we had a barrier of any kind, a powerful barrier, whether it’s steel or concrete... More »

Trump: I'll 'Probably' Declare an Emergency

President hints about border wall move

(Newser) - President Trump did not, as some expected, declare a national emergency in his Tuesday night speech about the need for a border wall. But Trump made clear on Thursday that the controversial move is still very much a possibility. "If this doesn't work out, probably I will do... More »

Daily Show Finds Old Trump Advice on Conquering Walls

'If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it ... go over it,' he told grads in 2004

(Newser) - The White House probably won't be happy with an old clip of Donald Trump unearthed by Trevor Noah's Daily Show , one that shows him giving inspirational advice about conquering walls. The 2004 video clip (watch it here ) shows Trump giving a commencement address at Staten Island's... More »

Here's What Trump Will Do During His Border Visit

He still might declare national emergency

(Newser) - President Trump is taking the shutdown battle to the US-Mexico border, seeking to bolster his case for the border wall after negotiations with Democrats blew up over his funding demands. On Wednesday, Trump stalked out of a meeting with congressional leaders —"I said bye-bye," he tweeted soon... More »

Reviews Mixed for 'Low Energy' Trump

He says speech was an 'interesting experience'

(Newser) - After addressing the nation from the Oval Office Tuesday night, President Trump tweeted video of his speech on border security and added : "Thank you for soooo many nice comments regarding my Oval Office speech. A very interesting experience!" The comments, however, were not universally nice. Raw Story reports... More »

Fact-Checkers Pounce on Trump Address

Post calls address 'misleading and bleak'

(Newser) - President Trump delivered an address on the "crisis" at the US-Mexico border Tuesday night—and fact-checkers started work as soon as he got to the word "crisis." The Washington Post, which calls Trump's description of the situation "misleading and bleak," reports that while the... More »

In Prime-Time Speech, Trump Pushes for a Wall

But president does not declare an emergency in order to build the wall

(Newser) - President Trump called the situation at the US-Mexico border a "humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul" in a national address Tuesday night—but he stopped short of declaring a formal emergency in order to get a border wall built. In his brief... More »

Ahead of Speech, Focus Is on a Potential Trump Move

President has said he might declare emergency to build border wall

(Newser) - President Trump has floated the possibility of declaring a national emergency in order to bypass Congress and get a border wall built. The idea has set off all kinds of speculation ahead of the president's prime-time address Tuesday night, though the White House has given no indication he intends... More »

Democrats Demand Equal Time After Trump Address

All major networks set to carry immigration talk

(Newser) - Major networks are not planning to avoid running President Trump's prime-time address Tuesday on what he calls a border "crisis" the way they did with a 2014 address by former President Obama on immigration deemed "overly political." ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and Fox... More »

Trump 'Can Relate' to Plight of Unpaid Government Workers

He says Sunday shutdown talks were 'productive'

(Newser) - President Trump said Sunday that he can "relate" to the plight of hundreds of thousands of federal workers worried about having to get by without paychecks if the shutdown continues, though critics wondered if the president really had any comparable life experiences. "I'm sure the people that... More »

Trump: I May Call a National Emergency

The president spoke in the White House Rose Garden

(Newser) - President Trump opened a meeting with Congressional leaders Friday by launching into a 15-minute profanity-laced tirade and saying the federal shutdown is really a "strike," sources tell CNN . Trump also turned to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and touched on the issue of impeachment, prompting her to remind him... More »

Trump Says Shutdown Could Last for 'Months or Even Years'

But he says he hope it won't be that long

(Newser) - With no shutdown resolution in sight, the AP reports that President Trump and Democratic leaders agreed Friday to additional staff-level talks over the weekend during a White House meeting at which Trump indicated he could keep parts of the government closed for "months or even years." Trump met... More »

HBO Warned Trump Not to Mess With Trademark. Here We Go Again

He won't stop making 'Game of Thrones' memes, and this time fans are snickering

(Newser) - We know President Obama is a Game of Thrones fan ; we're pretty sure President Trump isn't, or at least he hasn't seen the end of the seventh season yet. As part of what the Week calls Trump's "fixation" with memes from the hit HBO show,... More »

Trump Appears at Surprise White House Briefing

The subject: border wall

(Newser) - White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced a surprise briefing Thursday, giving just five minutes notice before it began, Mediaite reports. President Trump himself opened the briefing after Sanders introduced him, CNN reports. Two New York Times writers noted on Twitter that while the POTUS once "stuck his... More »

Little Progress Made at Trump's Wall Meeting

At least that's what Democrats seemed to indicate in early reports

(Newser) - The 12th day of the government shutdown brought a meeting between President Trump and congressional leaders in which his Homeland Security officials were tasked with making a "plea" for the border wall. The 3pm Wednesday session, which comes one day before Democrats seize control of the House, was held... More »

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